Love Songs For People That Don't Love Themselves

by Happy Tooth

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This is a mixtape of random Happy Tooth b-sides that never got released or mixed or mastered, and maybe never will due to poverty.
Or songs that were mixed and mastered but were released as singles.
Most of them are on his soundcloud.
Some of these songs are from a couple years back.
This is free to download. There are lyrics posted for all these songs like always.


released November 19, 2016

The producers featured are: SLOTH, The Alchemist, Ecid, Mr. Dufaux, Angrous, Evaridae, Tyler the Creator and Graham O' Brian.
Featuring Dug, Fringe Owl, Stephen Sauer, and Hyphon(aka Blake Ambrose)



all rights reserved


Happy Tooth Columbus, Ohio

Happy Tooth is a poet/rapper/fatalist from Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys long verses about beaches and candle lit lunches. He's in a band he started with his friend Dug, called Happy Tooth & Dug. He also makes solo music as well and he has a record produced by the mythical Bum Theory coming out soon! ... more

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Track Name: Love's A Chemical
My shirt still smells like you.
I keep the Grant Green handy, only myself to vibe to.
You were just here last night.
Played and true, deja vu, knew you in a past life.
Cashed pipe, and the smoke from drugs linger.
Sinner in the winter, addiction livin inside my fingers.
Enter through the exit, leave through the entrance.
Spit my scars in bars, a fallen star to ten kids.
I never repented, or ascended.
Just got suspended, like my feelings toward you.
The pandemic is endemic to this town, let's go on tour soon.
I implore you to endure gloom as it consumes us two.
Born bruised, sore tooth.
And I'm blaming cavities and gravity,
when actually it's my fault if everybody's sad at me.
The hostile apostle at a crossroads in a costco.
Everyone wants their own talk show.
And I just wanna choke God's throat.
If I'm blasphemous enough maybe happiness will come.
In the form of Christian activists mad at what I've done.
Maybe I just want attention, like a kid in detention.
But I am what I make me, my own intended invention.
Loved like I meant it, but love's just a chemical.
Addicted to the feeling of pushing when I'm meant to pull.
Love's just a chemical.
This love's just a chemical.
Track Name: Above Snakes
Feels like everything is ending.
Or is it really beginning?
All of us pretending we're kidding when you're still listening.
Whispering to fix a wing, you gotta get the kids to sing.
Survival is so sickening, I know I'll never kill the king.
Music's saved me lately baby, it's this helplessness that's hell to quit
so I dwell a bit, tellin kids they'll admit I'll be writin shit and sellin it
long after they're all skeletons, it's all irrelevant.

I'll keep livin.
While they speak in fiction.
I won't even listen, don't wanna be a victim, they leave it hidden.
I should've written.
Admitting its the worst of the best of times.
You heard my depressing lines, lifetime anesthetized, and they wonder why I feel less alive.
Don't wanna step in line, believe what was said allegedly.
Don't need to get this high to try to forget what you meant to me.
I keep talking about borders, disorders, I've been pacing around.
Face in a frown, stayin in town now.
Down, out, drowned and I hate what I've found.
This life is all one ways.
It gets hard to trust fate.
Somedays it feels like loves fake, trying to stay above snakes.
This life is all flood gates.
That open just to frustrate.
Some days I just say fuck fate.
Still above snakes.
I've been livin so reckless.
Feelin like wreckage.
Haven't been missin my exes.
I've been skipping on breakfast.
Thinkin about the message. If I really meant this.
If I don't call you back it's cause I'm always wrapped up in a skull that's cracked. Pulse intact, all syntax fallin fast, not crawlin back, Colin's sad until the songs exact.
I've been livin like I'm never gonna die.
Like my eulogys a pop song, soft long lullaby.
Like problems underlined by toxins undefined from another time I was nullified.
And i dont wanna lie unless it's to a policeman.
They're sayin what we're seein is freedom I don't believe em.
Same way that life goes when you take the right dose. We've been wearing blindfolds, eyes closed,
I know...

This life is all one ways.
It gets hard to trust fate.
Somedays it feels like loves fake, trying to stay above snakes.
This life is all flood gates.
That open just to frustrate.
Some days I just say fuck fate.
Still above snakes.
This life is all rough days.
You'll end up with some scrapes.
In a drunk daze,
with that familiar blood taste.
Above snakes.
This life is all mundane.
Every nights a Sunday.
Things are going just great.
I'm still above snakes.
Track Name: Eviction Notices For Spiders Living In My Brain (ft. Fringe Owl and Dug)
Fringe Owl:
Logging off Facebook
getting robbed in the streets.
lunatic’s inside of me
I thought tonight, so silently
but God still heard me
crying out so desperately
violent dreams
waking up to people always crowding me
a proud virgin for a while
to some, an oddity
learned how to be at peace with every part of me
me me me
selfishness devoured me
now it’s time to plant these trees
giving life to watered seeds
and my wife is imaginary
at least i own these thoughts to share
quiet library
inside madison square
don’t mean wisconsin
plot thickening, it’s scary to see
like based mob, I’m rare
i got no fair
but i paid my dues
never made the news for broken records
i scratched vinyl, it just sounded whack
I’m bout to spazz, pocket protector plan
water’s poison to alcoholics who wobble past
where is waldos at?
I spy second childhoods, sad
mister rogers ass? i went to rehab
probably where you’re headed too my friends
never born a stan
destined, forever to be the man
nas, stillmatic
no spraying, laughter still “canned”

Happy Tooth:
We demonize what we don't understand.
Used to seem alive and never ever wanted fans.
Earned respect. Took that, put it in my bookbag.
I've always been a hoodrat, learned I could rap, never looked back.
Shook cats for a good laugh, never played a plagiarist.
Emcees have been fakin wit. Save the shit cause you're made of it.
I'll annex your territory.
Gorey stories to share the glory.
I'll make you scared of morning.
All of this, while barely touring.
The whole crew is mischievous.
That's what never sleeping does.
The systems been impeding us.
The neighborhood stopped speaking up.
We never eat enough.
Food here is a damn mirage.
Camouflaged, hand to God, get a paycheck and it's gone.
Writin my own epilogue to try and stay ahead of God.
Feelin better off, being lead along, by just a song.
Show me where the loudest crowd is.
I'm sleepin on your couches.
Poverty constantly.
Put my money where my mouth is.

Eviction notices for spiders living in my brain.
They know I'm kidding,
over getting convinced it's not the same without em.
Blame it on the thetans or Satan,
I'm spacing on the proper nomenclature.
Wait, that's a tangent, my bad.
We've been so patient for awakening,
taken with a complacency the things they make us believe,
as it turns out are make believe.
Form is emptiness but that's a form.
And everything is averages, fill out a form.
And that's a norm, like castle wars and wait a second...
We really just can't hang out everyone?
Come on really now,
The Sermon On The Mount was plenty.
John Lennon was a bonus fuckers.
You're all such suckers for structures.
Here's one, how bout no one suffers please.
I'll admit I was optimistic when ya'll started rolling up your sleeves.
It's basically the law that we all hate to be alive.
The only alternative to the vacancy inside
is alternative music, the truth is fake, your dreams a lie.
So obviously your only hope is to follow what I say. (yeah)
Track Name: Life Isn't A Pop Song
Everything's always going the wrong way.
Every days a long day and the same songs play.
I live life off page trying to think like Tom Waits.
Avoid debt, loss, and disappointment on my mom's face.
Beyond gray, the days are somber.
And lackluster, we cant get stronger
the longer we have hunger.
I wanna go all in and fix all your problems.
But I stay lost in chaos with all of these odd friends.
Knots in my throat.
Eyes bloodshot from a lack of sleep.
You're talking to a ghost and sunspots happen naturally.
Tactfully my soul actually acts the same way naturally.
The darkest part a tradgedy with the rest following
gravity gradually.
Here we go again.
I'm feeling supine.
Too fine with drinkin that moonshine
and waiting for my due time.
You'll find I'm not a hometown hero.
I'm a lone down weirdo.
Wishing there was no ground zero.
I don't make music,
I just try to stay lucid.
Going through the day shoeless.
Cause some can't choose this.
Excuses are what you'll get from this amoeba.
But I'm drowning in sativa receiving subpoenas.
Oddly enough some are talking it up.
Saying life's great while I'm stuck lost in a rut.
Making songs that reflect that when I know I should just rap.
Forget the nausea, trauma, don't talk about your setbacks.
Life isn't a pop song.
But bring the chorus in.
Everyone's so bored of sin.
I wanna be born again.
Life isn't a pop song.
But bring the chorus in.
Everyone's so bored of sin.
I wanna be born again.
No one ever said
this would be glamorous.
But I'm still looking
for where the hidden camera is.
Hand to fist.
Either giving dap or fighting.
Which is which?
Fix it quick.
The joke grows so enticing.
Is this real life?
If so what's that feel like?
All the despair in the air won't save me.
But a meal might.
I just worsen the burden with verses on verses.
Cursed with these urges to purchase some worthless.
The cat killed curiosity.
Heaven goes to all dogs.
I'm lacking in veracity.
But believe we're all gods.
Though its hard to pull this out
when you're full of doubt.
My tongues become a gun and I'm just choking on the bullets now.
Not aimless but my aims just hitting the targets poorly.
Broke masochist,
Stuck in the first part of the story.
Art bores me.
Cause life's become imitation.
We find someone we wanna be
then subtly emulate them.
Where do we go
to escape our ego?
My life's a free show.
So I'm so sorry if I seem low.
These bones secrete defeat or seep hate.
I see these dreams as keepsakes.
So don't wake me if I sleep late.
Track Name: Shrouded (ft. Fringe Owl)
Happy Tooth:
No one want to argue.
But we always start to.
Reckless with a message.
On your necklace like a shark tooth.
Part two, and then the grand finale.
No one gives a damn about me.
Been livin hand to mouthing.
Whole life summed up in these albums I leave.
And our conversations always end with you shouting at me.
I hate all your industry.
Must be something in the meat.
It's been so bleak this century.
No empathy, so incomplete.
No in between.
And I don't know what the future holds.
But I'd rather throw a party then attend another funeral.
Stay calm, be a pawn.
Don't admit you've been used.
Continue with skin bruised into
different venues where you sing blues.
Don't wanna eat garbage
but it's what we can afford.
Country full of junkies that can't leave.
Just slam the door.
It's a camera war.
Illuminatti in the bushes.
Reptilian lizard men exist I swear
check the footage.
Oh my goodness.
It fluctuates in other ways.
Say something great.
Enunciate your crushing weight stomach ache.
Living life is cancerous,
gettin tumors from our cellphones.
All of us are mannequins with phantom limbs,
Hell's closed.
Build your towers tall so they're about to fall.
But me and Owl are comin,
bustin through the outer wall.
Track Name: Falling apart(ft. Tj Brown)
Don’t think about h-h-h-how everything won’t be workin’ out
Enjoy the now
Allow the time to take time

Just when you thought you got it
You just lose it
You’re not stupid
You’re just doin’
Way too much thinkin’
Stinkin’ up your opportunity
Life is now pursuin’ the continuity between thinkin’ and a scene
Mean was never my intention
I’m sorry for the candor but I really have to mention
My feelings and the tension
When you over think it you shrink it like a trinket
Believe, act, and achieve
Just love who you are and feel the feelings leave
Check this out
Believe in all that you are but it’s nothin’ if you never do somethin’
Our lives keep fallin’ apart when we let time set our mind set too small

(Happy Tooth)
I’m always falling apart calling it art
Crawling in the dark I start looking for sparks
I’ll feel better if I express it vocally
Hopefully the dopamine gets rid of my woe is me
Openly they oversee that there’s no way out
Sayin’ clock in, shut up, and don’t breakdown
Laid out, stretched thin at the end of my rope
But I’ll begin again and tend to intend to send what I wrote
And mean it, it’s no secret
I’m as lost as you
Coming unglued in pieces from the toxic fumes
But when I’m done walkin’ through any type of hell
I know I believed in me and did it all by myself

Check this out
Believe in all that you are but it’s nothin’ if you never do somethin’
Our lives keep fallin’ apart when we let time set our mind set too small


Believe in all that you are but it’s nothin’ if you never do somethin’
Our lives keep fallin’ apart when we let time set our mind set too small
Track Name: Like I Said
Tell me where the exit is.
Don't look so desperate.
I was hesitant
and I guess I shoulda been.
Came to see you just a friend.
But all your kisses taste like medicine.
But that's where it ended at just a kiss.
Nothingness, where the heart is
only lust exists.
Just dismissed the very concept.
When you started sharing nonsense.
Your pupils were tiny.
Something made you scary honest.
A weary locksmith.
I tried to find you in the right key.
The thought you liked me was like an IV.
But it felt so slimy
the way I thought it might be.
Real life daytime drama.
Run on sentences
no commas
traumas mentioned in her mantra.
All she wants to do is get high by the lake.
I'm scared she'll make the right mistake.
And die wide awake.
While I'm faking my own death to make you listen.
The irony comes violently
cause musics my addiction.
Components are corrosive.
Devoted to whats hopeless.
A headstart to a death march approaches.
I'm proud to be cowardly outwardly.
Only came cause I was out of weed
now doubt is soundly drowning me.
You started nodding off and getting manic.
Wanted to stick around but I just can't stand it.
An addict with a habit didn't know until
you answered your phone so bro
could call you from jail.
I head every damn word.
I guess you can't learn.
Grabbed my shit and left.
Made a call,
got a ride,
haven't heard from you yet.
Still don't know if you're alive or dead.
Eyes violent red.
Blind instead,
it's why I fled.
I wish you woulda chose life instead.
Sick, from lies I've been fed.
Like I said for all I know you died in bed,
Like I said....
for all I know you're dead.
Track Name: No Comment (feat. Fringe Owl)
(Happy Tooth)
I'm doper than heroin I'm so arrogant.
This composer isn't sober.
He's scared of them Americans.
And he don't care again.
There's no words for closure.
Does it again if you're daring him.
And he wonders why they call him an embarrassment.
He'll just kiss the strange lips of the same abyss
we're all starin in.
But he is me, when I say we
I'm meanin all of us.
No comment so often
we're just speakin to these walls too much.
They saw the cuts
let's all discuss
what sorrow does.
Act surprised you're alive and survived
when tomorrow comes.
Don't look through this aperture.
All these passengers are taciturn.
Didn't hear the captains words.
Turned into scavengers afterwards.
Had the audacity to laugh at birds.
As if they could ever be as free
if they had the worth.
All talkin but nobody ever says shit.
Live and let live
but they should just quit.
We all want a swell night.
Maybe to be held tight.
We're just trying to sell spite.
Cause if you're wealthy
you can't say you know what Hell's like.
They say they've never heard a rapper so honest.
That raps for no profit.
But I'm done talkin, no comment.
Track Name: Ugly Buildings
Where I come from
nobody tempts fate.
But when the rents raised
we all wanna escape.
Lately it seems like they'd like to break me.
Until the day I'm eighty,
I'll be the way they made me.
Not like they used to,
but used to the loose tooth
falling out of our mouths until the cops shoot through.
The barricade our parents made is crumbling slowly.
Sent to die.
Nothing to show me.
Out of work and pushed
to the outskirts of the city.
Clouded words and sounds emerge.
Drowning us in pity.
So quickly,
build a wall and start a war.
kill em all.
It's our reward.
A carnivore
never questions the next hunt.
They step up
either have the best luck or get stuck.
Fed dust, some smoke and some steam.
More loved ones left to choke in the street.
So don't intervene
all of this is progressive.
There's no industry that's calling this defective.
Perfect it.
It's all foreclosure.
So call it so pure.
No sir
I didn't even know I was speeding.
I was retreating from a self-defeating meaning
this evening.
Now each thing is a little more magnified.
The gratified had to lie and now no one is satisfied.
I didn't go to work but I needed the money.
They didn't own the dirt and now they're billing me monthly.
I didn't go to work but I really needed the money.
They don't own the dirt and what they're building is ugly.
I didn't go to work but I really needed the money.
I don't own the dirt and now they're billing me monthly.
I didn't go to work because they keep stealing from me.
They don't own the dirt
and what they're building
is ugly.
What they're building is ugly.
Track Name: Predicament (ft. Fringe Owl)
(Happy Tooth)
Yeah I get it.
Now I need a way to get rid of it.
The way the system is,
addiction lives
in advertisements
for dividends.
I'm grim again.
Meant to win
but losing constantly.
Choose the prophecy.
We knew that logically
they were all wrong.
Not strong when I'm just
feelin discombobulated.
It's this job I hate it.
Misfit on occasion.
It's all sickness
I'm a patient.
I'm not embarrassed
I shot the sheriff.
He'd gotten careless.
Like a pair of foster parents
that aren't there.
Let's talk awareness.
Call me versatile.
Naw I'm volatile.
All the while
in denial forcing what you call a smile.
Saw the trial,
what they thought was vital.
Hope they swallow vile vials
full of rotten bile.
Convict a kid
then let an officer go
that shot a child.
Not in style and I hope it
never will be.
Oughta know they better kill me.
Cause I'd never go in guilty.
So I'm filthy,
call me Pigpen.
I need a quick cleanse.
Looking through a thick lens.
Never knowing how far this addiction extends.
It's dim, and we need illumination.
Too many stupid faces
and human racists.
And from the way you've explained this,
the truth must be painless.
But we're still losing wages.
Stuck inside our useless cages.
Seize the day but hate it.
At least the musics sacred.
Ain't it?
Track Name: Leap Of Faith
Despite the wild ride.
I'll try to smile wide.
If life's a lie I'll find a spine
and try to hide.
I like to ride the lines in my private time.
Why abide to the giant signs while driving blind?
We'll just die inside the biased time and violent crime.
While pouring on the iodine like life is fine.
Stars might align and we might reach the threshold.
Our hearts might decide to subside and leave this vessel.
Revel in the dull grays,
in your minds hallways.
I still believe in always.
I keep it in the crawl space.
Raw scrapes on long days
are meant to be bittersweet.
Sent to me timidly to sensibly
intervene with a dream.
I sit here defenseless.
Down in the trenches.
Heart pounding relentless.
From the sound of a sentence.
I probably should've stayed in bed
and never raised my head.
The food is made of lead.
So today we're dead.
Lord I'm bored
from the madness of average.
Sore from the war and the last kiss
on chapped lips.
Rereading the passage
is like squeezing your cracked ribs.
A savage practice
of ripping of the wings we're cast with.
Sit and watch the grass die.
But don't ever ask why.
Wake up with a black eye and
blame it on last night.
Pass by but don't forget where you're headed.
This embedded in apathetic end that we're fed with.
Basically it's make believe the way that we're living.
Impatiently we wait to see to claim there's an ending.
Complacently we hate to breathe and face what we're missing.
But bravery won't stay with me I'll stray from ascending.
What I mean to say is let's leave today.
It's a leap of faith so just lead the way.
Everyone's been lied to.
It's the hand that feeds that bites you.
They try and shove a knife through
every single tried truth.
Buy new,
or sell it used for profit.
Or throw it in the fire and breathe in all of the toxins.
I find it strange
and a crying shame.
How we force climate change
and take lives in vain.
Blind to the pain
with the existence of barbiturates.
We go and earn certificates but all our hearts are sick of it.
Give a shit or live in it.
It's all so insignificant.
Diminished with the benefit of being quick to finish it.
A membership to a club you want no part of.
Things start rough,
get carved up,
parch, fuck, and starve us.
Spark plugs
in the place where your heart was.
We beat our drums hard cause we march
when the dark comes.
I get the pay off.
From the same job.
But hope to get laid off so I can just daywalk.
They shot
whoever got in the way.
Stoppin to pray,
walkin away,
feelin godly today.
But he's not in this country,
all they worship is money.
Morbid corpses that morph this courtship into bloody.
but only from the ultraviolet rays.
burning off the skin on your sullen silent face.
Die today.
And try to tell em it was worth.
Or take the purpose you purchased
and toss it in the furnace.
Track Name: Swan Song
I'm gonna walk away.
I don't wanna talk today.
I've had a lot to say,
but now I'm feeling withdrawn.
I don't know if it's dawn,
or if this song has
enough relatability
to live long before I'm gone.
And when I'm gone will the world notice?
When all the blood is drawn
what refills a person's oceans?
Hopeless is the vibe
I give off while I'm living.
But we hide inside a lie,
wide-eyed, grit teeth, grinning.
Giving all I got but it isn't much at all.
Crashing into another wall.
While breaking a hundred laws.
Always saying something false to derail a question.
I'm too afraid to convey a detailed confession.
So I digress when I start to write and my heartless eyes,
have a harder time dealing with this part of sight.
I wanna walk away.
Forget my thoughts today.
I'm really not ashamed.
Of what I've got to say.
In an awkward way
this world feels like loneliness.
Like everyone is lost
unaware if home exists.
If it does sometimes
I don't feel like a part of it.
I wish I could connect our sunsets
before our hearts start to quit.
I'm gonna walk away,
so don't be so shocked okay.
The habit that I have
is probably just locked in place.
I need a new excuse
to be a recluse.
I'll sit here forever
and forget that my legs move.
Write 156 songs about how people are confusing.
Then stare at the walls and forget what I was doing.
When I'm long gone,
call this one my swan song.
I'll sing along happily
if you can sing it back to me.
When I'm long gone call this one my swan song.
When I'm long gone call this one my swan song.
I'll sing along happily if you can sing it back to me.
Track Name: 2fallasleep2 (ft. Dug, Stephen Sauer and Hyphon (aka Blake Ambrose))
Hyphon: I got my pajamas and my footies.
My favorite book and a hot cup of milk.
I got a little bit of music on a playlist.
And my sheets are made of silk. Watch out!
Feather bed, a light scent of Downey.
Calm darkness totally surrounding.
Imagine the feeling is floating and the sound is
wind rustling, leaves grounding.
You let your eyelids get heavy.
I coulda had my erector set ready.
Go for it, but don't worry about me Betty,
I was headed for this pillow before the sun was setting.

Stephen Sauer: (Chorus) Rap music you can fall asleep to. x4

Happy Tooth: I've been rappin to my pillow, laughin in my sleep, half awake and I still doze off and the bills get lost.
Where's today's mail? Lookin at the gray-scale.
Safe to say this dream is a safe fail.
I ain't well, and I've been grinding my teeth.
Dying to sleep, trying to speak,
but everything I say is outta either spite or grief.
An honest insomniac, who only wants something beyond a nap.
I just need a spot to lay my head, what's wrong with that?


Dug: I learned how to write cause it's harder to learn to sleep.
I was counted as a sheep and it kept me up for weeks.
Now it's Downey as a duck feather,
pen sending love letters,
feeling much better in my Dug sweater.
Comfortable, wonderful.
World peace on a beach, kitten stretching.
Relax, eat snacks, keep resting.
No more thorn pillows, some warm, warm milk though.
Why can't I fall asleep without playing a radio?


Hyphon: Duck down, flip the pillow and drool more.
You wanna be back in the window aisle of the tool store.
With a gray skinned alien and Julian Moore, before it becomes your high school prom in a huge storm.(T.A.L.)
Trips the norm, the tune is viral.
The moon is title, while your mood is vital.
Remove fan dials, snooze is mild.
Let it be all, "Ooooh child."
Until your days lessons turn from alphabet soup to filed.


Happy Tooth: I'm sellin melatonin.
I'm pretty sure Hell is frozen.
Knock hard, I might be asleep
and the bell is broken.
But I'm always counting sheep,
in the crowd or in the beat.
Everyone I've ever met is valiantly sound asleep.
Is this a dream or our collective reality?
Sleepwalkin off the balcony down into the crowded streets.
Hopin Mom's proud of me, like we are of our tall towers.
I haven't slept a wink and so I think at all hours.


Dug: My circadian rhythms were crazy as pigeons.
Playin cicadas, praying, fishing in tornadoes.
Still awake, daydreaming in the middle of the night.
Pick a riddle, pick a fight with it.
I warned myself I'd do it.
Bore a hole in the floor where I pace and wait.
This is a sleeping song.
The sounds of waterfalls and static and
everything you believe in is wrong.
Good night folks.
It's probably not gonna be alright,
so you need some.