Take A Trip (ft. Fringe Owl​(​prod. by Evaridae​)​)

from by Evaridae

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I'm playing devil's advocate.
I'm passionate.
I'm takin what you thought
was real and smashin it.
You don't know the half of it.
Had to quit the savage trips.
Killed cells like the acid did.
Graduated to cactuses.
My wild love went riding
and I followed her to Hell again.
Now this closet door is broken,
open, full of skeletons.
Tell your friends
this is what your brain
looks like on drugs.
Tell em lighten up,
fried as fuck,
like lightning does.

I don't need to take a trip,
I'm already home.
I don't wanna take a hit.
I already know.

(Fringe Owl)

Yo I don't do drugs.
All I want is respect.
All I need is a hug.
I pushed everyone away.
Don't neglect what your worth.
I will shine like the sun.
I'm rejectin your percs
if it means I'm compromised.
To be blunt,
I only smoke weed to get calm.
And over time,
it has become a problem mom.
I'm so sorry,
you didn't raise me to be an addict.
Replace panickin with a new magic.
And that's it.
This energy which I harness
shall cover the world.
With a high school diploma.
No job, nor a girl.
Just a college dropout
who forgot his own worth.
Self-esteem dumped in the gutter,
along with worms.
So insecure.

One foot in the grave,
and one in the gutter.
Takes twice as long to get home
walkin in a slumber.
Maybe lately
I've been feelin a bit cagey.
Maybe lately
baby nothing feels worth saying.
Songwriter caught in crossfire.
Shot and on fire,
not tired,
cause writin verses
got me a lot higher.
Indulge, get involved
and call it kismet.
Say no one gives a shit.
Or benefits from being innocent.
but it's fashionable.
This world's uninhabitable.
Any love is admirable.
You can't have it all.
Highs subside to clarity.
Some days I don't mind to die,
but all these highs are scaring me.
I'm a parody.
Therapy til we're scared to breathe.
I hope they got Tupac in this jukebox.
I hope these new thoughts
make these blues stop.
I hope it isn't traumatizing when the news drops.
I hope you get away from being chased by a few cops.

I'm hopin for the best,
cause all we can do is hope.
Sometimes I leave my head,
but usually I'm always home.


from Every Day (ft. Happy Tooth), track released July 15, 2017
Lyrics by Happy Tooth and Fringe Owl.
Everything else by Evaridae.



all rights reserved


Happy Tooth Columbus, Ohio

Happy Tooth is a poet/rapper/fatalist from Columbus, Ohio. He enjoys long verses about beaches and candle lit lunches. He's in a band he started with his friend Dug, called Happy Tooth & Dug. He also makes solo music as well and he has a record produced by the mythical Bum Theory coming out soon! ... more

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